1969 Volkswagen Beetle Restoration

Welcome to Charlie’s Foreign Car, we want to talk to you about an exciting project we’ve just completed. As an auto repair shop we’ve seen cars of all ages from the new vehicle to the car that’s over 40 years old. Many of our clients have become very attached to their vehicles for a variety of reasons. This project involves a restoration of a 1969 VW Beetle. The owner of the vehicle purchased this car brand new in Germany and imported the vehicle to the united states soon after. We’ve had the privilege of servicing the vehicle over the last decade. This car has been a family jewel for over 40 years!. The lady who owns the vehicle has been the sole driver for its entire life and recently asked us to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

What we did first to the vehicle is removed all accessories: bumpers, fenders, lights, windows, mirrors and wheels.

We then had the shell of the vehicle repainted, we had all the chrome components re-chromed: handles, bumpers and ornaments and we powder coated the wheels and bumper brackets.

We also added all new window trim and replaced the interior headliner.

We then re-asembled the accessories and within 2 months we restored this 1969 Beetle to look like it just come off the assembly line. When this vehicle cruises around town and along the coast, its a show stopper!

The car drives like its new, and now has the physical appearance to match its perfect mechanical condition. We want to hear the stories of your favorite car, the car that you want to keep forever, what is it that keeps you holding on? Join us on Facebook and upload your photos and let us know.

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