Brake Repair in Encinitas

Our car’s brake system is a complex grouping of parts which serve a critical role in keeping you safe, and that is why you should never hesitate to take your car in for brake repair.  No other system in the car is as important for your safety. Keeping your brake system in tip-top shape should be your top priority.

These are some common problems that require brake service and repair:

Wear–The braking system does a lot of work and the brake pads take the brunt of the punishment. It is a good idea to have you brake pads checked every 6 months or when you suspect a problem. Symptoms include squeaking, grinding, or increased stopping distance. Most pads have a thin metal tab which vibrates against the rotor when the pads wears down to a dangerous level. Some pads do not have this and if not checked periodically can wear down far enough to ruin the rotors. Brake repair can solve this issue.

Warped Rotors–More common in newer cars, but possible on all disc brake systems. Rotors warp due to being overheated or incorrect tightening of the wheel. A warped rotor will give a pulsing feeling when applying the brakes. This pulsing can be annoying and dangerous. Most newer cars have rotors which are very thin and warp very easy. To resurface, the rotor is placed in a lathe and a cutting tool removes a few thousandths of material from the braking surface. This restores the flatness of the rotor and eliminates the pulsing sensation in the pedal. Brake repair can solve this issue.

Dirty Braking System–When brakes are caked in dirt and grime, they have to work harder to to make your car stop. It increases your safety when you keep your wheels and braking system clean. Clean brakes work better and keep temperatures down. Brake repair and maintenance from Charlie’s can solve this issue.